What We Believe


Our Mission:

“Promoting a healthy lifestyle for men, women, and children through martial arts and fitness.”

Morumbi Academy is dedicated to teaching everyone anxious to enjoy a healthy and productive lifestyle. We encourage students to eat healthy, stay consistent with physical fitness, and to treat people with kindness and respect. Through these efforts, students improve their lifestyles and become more healthy, well-rounded, caring, and confident. We’re very proud of our academy standards, posted in all of our academies which helps to ensure a safe and fun environment where everyone is able to learn and progress.

Our Motto:

“We are on an unstoppable mission to help you reach your goals”

We believe this because Morumbi Academy is about the students and about the goals that they set. We strive to improve on all aspects of goal setting and achievement through our innovative and effective tracking and coaching system, designed to produce maximum benefits for you.

Our Slogan:

“Building a family of champions for life.”

This slogan embodies our effort to create a family environment, and to make sure that all our students, especially the kids, are able to become better at everything they do in life outside the academy, as well as inside. We hear from our students that the lessons they learn on the mat have transferred to their daily lives. This is very empowering, because it means that not only are you training at the academy to improve yourself physically and mentally, but that you are also able to carry these lessons over to your other activities, and enjoy implementing those feelings and accomplishments into your lifestyle.

#1 in Ventura County since 2009

Morumbi Academy has been voted best martial arts school in Ventura County since 2009 by voters who believe in the same values you do. If you seek quality and reputation, you’ve found the right place to train. Whether you’re looking for world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kids Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, or high-quality Fitness classes, in Ventura, Thousand Oaks, or Camarillo you have found the right place! Morumbi Academy is for you.

“With good intentions and hard work you can achieve anything.”
Fabio Leopoldo

One very important factor about us is also how hard we work in our quest to ensure that everyone can reach their goals and can enjoy martial arts and fitness training in a safe and family friendly environment. Our instructors have weekly meetings to discuss curriculum, student goals, classroom advancement, drills, activities for kids, and much more. Through our continued effort to improve, we know that you will improve as well.

Morumbi Academy Lifestyle

We believe in lifestyle such as eating healthy, physical training, being with family and enjoying time with friends. This is why we hold monthly academy events such as Beach Trainings, BBQs, Parents & Kids Days, Bring A Friend Days, UFC Fight Nights, Kids Parties, and more! We like to have everyone get together outside of their regular classes to enjoy being together, meeting new people, and having fun. This is a part of the Morumbi Academy lifestyle.

Everyone Can

We believe that people of all ages, fitness levels, and body types can achieve their goals through training in a structured and focused environment. One that has an encouraging and challenging curriculum, and an environment with professional and caring instructors. That’s why we believe that Morumbi Academy is the perfect fit for those who are committed to reaching their goals.

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