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Dear Professor Erik,

I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the past year’s training. When I first started, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and doubted myself for several months.

Even when I was feeling bad about my abilities, especially when doing something that required some interesting movements, I was never made to feel that I could not do it; I just need to work a little harder. I felt I received nothing but encouragement from you and other professors and coaches, as well as my fellow classmates. It is this sense of family that I find very beneficial to my progress.

Being in the customer support business myself, I realize how important it is to have a good support system, and I believe that the academy provides this. It is one of the reasons I keep coming back for more training.

Once again, thank you for your words of encouragement and patience, and I’ll see you on the mat.

Norm Nelson

Hey Professor, it’s Jacob,

I wanted to thank you guys for all the support! You guys helped me so much, i dont think that i could have done it without you! Im eating healthy i lost 60 pounds i run everyday and lift weights! Im six months clean! And im joining the marine core i talked to the recruiter and its a go!

Thank you professor couldnt have done it without you and your guys support at Gracie Morumbi!!

Jacob Salas

Good morning Professors,

I hope this message finds you, and the rest of your families well and smiling!

I just want to reach out and thank you for your hard work in building an amazing academy! You both have really built a great place for the community, based on great core values that I and many others cherish and appreciate! I am honored to be a member of the your academy and family.

May God continue to Bless you all!

From the heart!

Jerry Budnick

Ventura, CA

My name is Liz Cummings. I’m 62 years young! I have 4 children & 10 grandchildren.

My new adventure in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Gracie Morumbi is amazing. I see it as an art. The moves can be so graceful & productive at the same time.

I love learning self defense. I never want to be a victim!! I know it will take a long time to learn what I need to know, but I am patient. I think the key is to be diligent in coming to class.

I have been blessed with a healthy body. Jiu-Jitsu is helping me stay strong physically & mentally.

Professor Fabio & his amazing staff, my Professors & the other students are kind, patience encouraging & professional in every way. I think of them all as my friends.

Thank you to all!!!

Liz Cummings

Ventura, CA

I had been doing the standard and somewhat boring weight training for years before I decided to try something different. So for the past two months I have been learning Maui Thai kickboxing and Jiu-Jistu at Gracie Morumbi, and I have to be honest it’s hard not to go to classes. Besides having a family friendly environment, the Gracie Morumbi instructors and staff are AWESOME!! They are always engaging in conversation with the members and more than willing to help you out with any questions you have about the lessons or the events. The members who have been training there for a while are also really helpful and friendly. My motivation, self-esteem, anxiety relief, and sense of community has increased dramatically, on top of gaining more strength. I can’t picture myself going back to that monotonous gym routine again.

Thanks Everyone,

Will Sholy

When I first came to Gracie Morumbi in Camarillo, I was actually going to the Hamburger restaurant next door. I liked Jiu Jitsu because of watching Royce Gracie on television. I talked to Jacob and he treated me with friendliness and high respect. He showed me around the facility, showed me pictures, and told me some history about the Masters. He then assigned me to an introductory class which I attended and then started the regular classes. My goals are to get in shape and learn how to defend myself or my loved ones in an emergency. But as I’ve been going, I’ve felt that it’s more than just physical but also spiritual. I’ve developed a strong bond to my professor Beto and have made some very nice acquaintances with some of the other students. Now my goal is to continue Graci Jiu Jitsu as far as I can. I’m not in any rush to be a black belt. I just want to learn at my pace and master the fundamentals and spread the word about how great Gracie Jiu Jitsu is to everyone I know. I feel myself being much more positive in a world that can be very negative. I feel that doors that were closed were only closed because of me. I can open them and walk though.

Thank You Professor.

Sal Avila

Camarillo, CA

Enrolling my children and myself in Morumbi Jiu Jitsu was the best decision I made all year. At first I was concerned because my kids recently had a bad experience in a self defense class but after meeting the instrutors and watching a class at Gracie Jiu Jitsu Morumbi I knew they were in great hands. They have been there a month now and are still excited to go (I had to beg them to go the first time). I am happy to see them not only learn how to defend themselves but to learn the values of respect, support and follow through. They are treated like family and everyone there make them feel safe and welcomed. I am grateful to find a top notch martial arts school that knows how to adjust to children (rare ) . Thanks a million.


Malibu, CA

Hey Guys,

Cant say enough about just how impressed I am with the programs, very professional. I couldn’t be happier with how much I’ve learned in such a short amount of time.

Brandon Wenger

My name is Diana and I am a stay at home mother of two little boys ages 3 and 1. I enrolled my 3 year old because he clearly needed structure and as he was about to enter pre school he needed to learn to socialize, respect and care for the others around him. I grew up for 11 years with my fathers influence in the mixed martial arts community and it was important to pass that down to both my children. Shane’s only been enrolled since Jan ’13 but in the few short months he has learned to shake hands when saying goodbye, learn the importance of sportsmanship and he is learning that exercise is a part of a life routine. He loves his friends in class and is always asking about his fav coach. We have seen significant strides in Shane’s motor skills. We love Gracie Morumbi!

Diana and Shane Prouse

Gracie Morumbi is an extension of our family. The professors encourage and teach respect among peers, professors, and parents though eye contact, shaking of hands and helping one another. My children’s confidence grows with each lesson as they gain experience “teaching” and demonstrating moves to those who don’t have as much experience. It is the perfect individual sport that contains elements of team work.

Jakki Sauls

To Gracie Morumbi Academy,

I came to Gracie Morumbi with uncertainty about how long our son would want to train at this academy. My apprehension came from having attended five different martial art academies in which my son lasted two weeks max because instructors did not engage the students individually.

I am very pleased with the results from my son’s progress and joy in attending classes. Professors Mike and Brian are awesome. Their raw energy, fun, comedy, and easy to follow animated instruction with discipline really captures the students attention and makes this great art form easy to follow and understand. These are young children and their attention span are limited yet these great Professors of Gracie Morumbi have found the way to teach in a fun manner.

I am so happy with this experience that I tell all of my friends how great the academy and staff are. From Jenna who makes you feel like family over the phone, to all the Professors, this is a warm family oriented group. Many other martial arts schools could learn from this great Group of Educators on how to capture and train a young mind. Thank you.


Garo Amirayan

Thank you Gracie Morumbi for operating a truly great jui jitsu academy! The instructors are the perfect combination of patience, technique, and discipline, The academy is clean and professional and has the heart of a family. I’ve trustees these guys with my boys for three wonderful years now and I would heartily recommended Gracie Morumbi Academy to anyone interested in a great workout with talented instructors!

Matt Swogger

Gracie Morumbi is the greatest jiu-jitsu academy on the planet.

The dedication of the staff is great at every level, I like the individual attention that is given to each student, everything combined they provide an excellent experience and fun environment, I’m very happy about the confidence that my son has gained over the past three years.

The changes have been phenomenal. We love the new location, great environment and the adding of more classes for the entire academy is awesome.

Frank Cornejo

Our son Ethan has been training at Gracie Morumbi for 2 years. He started at 3 years old, he did not know the meaning of standing in line,or to stay still,or know how to follow instructions. Good thing Gracie Morumbi had great Professors who were patient with him, now he knows how to follow instructions, form a line,and is disciplined, and his jiu jitsu is amazing. Having him train at Gracie Morumbi has been one of the greatest things we could have done in Ethan’s life, he loves it,and is always eager to go to class. It’s a very family oriented academy, and the staff treats you like family as well. We could go on and on but you would have to experience it for yourself to know what we’re talking about.

Eddie & Krista Banales

Gracie Morumbi of Ventura,

I am so very proud of my son Spencer at receiving his blue belt!
He set a goal and attained it all on his own, his determination and hard work has proven that! The guidance from Fabio and Erik is amazing! Spencer was out hurt recently with an injury this last month and I was so amazed that this studio showed concern for Spencer and called to see where he was and asked how was he doing! They are not here just to collect they are here to teach, guide and train young men and women to be the best they can be. They are truly amazing!!

I am so very happy that I chose to have him check out Gracie Morumbi of Ventura last year! It was a difficult year in 2008 for our family and for Spencer especially, and they helped make a young boy become a young man. He was determined, goal oriented and focused! Thank you to Fabio Leopoldo and Erik Klinger for the support and guidance you showed and continue to show! Spencer is now looking forward to achieving his brown and black belt with Gracie Morumbi!

Yours Truly,

Sheri DeJong (One Proud Mom!)

P.S. His Dad and brother are equally impressed with Gracie Morumbi as well as the entire family!

September 8, 2009

Professor Fabio Leopoldo and Professor Erik Klinger,
Thank You very much for the call wishing me a Happy Birthday, that really means a lot to hear from people I respect, also Thank You for making me feel part of the family at Gracie Morumbi, I believe that personal connection is what is missing from the studios around this area.

Uriah F. Glynn

Teen Director

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Oxnard and Port Hueneme

To Gracie Morumbi Fabio Leopoldo Jiu Jitsu,

I love traveling around the country and training at jiu jitsu academies where ever I can. As a young purple belt, though, I am always a little hesitant to train at different schools because some people view me as a target. They think “If I beat this purple belt my professor will definitely give me my new belt.” When I showed up at Professor Fabio Leopoldo’s Academy in Thousand Oaks for my first class I was immediately greeted and welcomed to join in on the next class. After that class I felt like part of the family. After spending a month training at both the Thousand Oaks and Ventura academies I have been able to train with first day white belts to multiple time World champions, and felt comfortable and safe training with every one of them. As a jiu jitsu instructor myself, I feel like I have an inside look at how an academy runs, and Professor Leopoldo’s Academy is by far one of the finest academies I have trained at. All the professors are very skilled, and convey the techniques with precision to their students. The students are all incredibly friendly, and welcome you into their jiu jitsu family upon meeting you. So, if you want world class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and a new family Gracie Morumbi Fabio Leopoldo is the place to go.

Brian Carlsen

Easton BJJ

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