Muay Thai Kickboxing

Developed in Thailand hundreds of years ago, Muay Thai has become one of the most effective stand up striking system in the world. This ancient combat method has been used to train the best mixed martial arts fighters in the world, as well as whip the average person into shape through an amazing intense aerobic, all-body workout. In this class, we combine the two here with serious cardio training, as well as real-world effective self defense techniques honed through the centuries by Muay Thai masters. Our instructors take you through the basics and on to your individual potential, and beyond. This class will keep you on track towards knowing all there is to know about stand up striking, kicking, and punching.

Known by martial artists and fighters for its phenomenal power, Muay Thai Kickboxing is the last word in striking arts. We’re talking fight-ending knockout power! But what a lot of people don’t know is you don’t have to be a fighter to enjoy Muay Thai training! Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai Kickboxing, and it doesn’t matter if you’re tall, short, big or small – everyone and ANYONE can experience the thrill of training real-deal Muay Thai Kickboxing!

Here are some of the benefits you’ll see in classes:

  • Burn more calories than ever before, especially more than in your normal aerobics class at the gym.
  • Train next to real fighters and coaches who have actually fought in the cage and in the ring, giving you real life techniques and training that really works.
  • Discover power in your hands and legs you never though you had, giving you a real edge on an attacker in a self defense situation.
  • Meet new people and gain new friends through your Muay Thai Kickboxing classes and they’ll help you to get up to the next level in your training and fitness

So what are you waiting for? Try a FREE CLASS Today! Give us a call: (805)643-7717

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