Why Morumbi?

At Morumbi Academy Care About Your Child And Are Determined To Help Every Parent And Child To Reach Their Goals Both On And Off The Mat. Through Our Award Winning Kids Martial Arts Program We Have Been Able To Structure Age Appropriate Curriculum And Classes For Children From 2 Years Old To 15 Years Old. All Of Our Youth Program Classes Have A 5 Main Parts. These Parts Are As Follows:

5 Kids Parts of Morumbi Academy Kids Classes:

# 1 – Physical Education
# 2 – Self Defense
# 3 – Educate The Mind
# 4 – Fun
# 5 – Motivation

Through The Use Of These 5 Concepts In All Classes We Are Able To Motivate Children Through Fun And Challenging Exercises And Activities And Also Keep Them Excited About Improving In Confidence, Focus, Discipline And Respect. You’ll Find That When You Meet One Of The Kids Training Here At Morumbi Academy, They Will Give You A Firm Handshake, Look You In The Eyes, And Say Nice To Meet You. This Is Part Of Our Continued Effort To Encourage Politeness, Caring, Respect, As Well As Real Life Self Defense Skills And Bully Prevention Techniques. Once Graduated Out Of The White Belt Systems Are Kids Are Considered, “Bully Proof” Knowing All Of The Basics Of Self Defense Against Attackers As Well As Knowing Strong Words Concepts And Our “No, Go, Yell, Tell” System Of Stranger Awareness And Bully Basics.

Your Child Will Be Able To Grow And Learn Here At Morumbi Academy And Will Improve Not Just In Their Skills Here On The Mat, But Also At Home And In School! We’re Proud To Say That We Are Here To Help All Kids And Parents Reach Their Goals And We Are On An Unstoppable Mission To Do So!

Morumbi Academy Is The ONLY Martial Arts & Fitness Academy In Ventura County, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Port Hueneme, Oxnard, Ventura, And The Surrounding Areas To Offer All Five Of These Important Aspects In All Of Kids Martial Arts Programs! So What Are You Waiting For? Come By And Try Out Our Award Winning Kids Martial Arts & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program Today!

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