Kids Martial Arts Featuring age appropriate classes designed to build skills for both self-defense and character building, all Morumbi Youth program classes are taught by professional, certified, friendly instructors who are extremely knowledgable about teaching children. Through our award winning instructional methodology, hundreds of children in Ventura, Thousand Oaks, and Brazil have enjoyed improvement in the classroom, increased confidence, and acquired real-world bully prevention skills. Your children will too!read more...

Parents & Me Classes

You and your child will enjoy working together in this fun and engaging class to help build coordination, balance, and social skills, so that your child will be prepared for the more challenging classes ahead. Most children generally begin this class around two years of age. Parents & Me is a great way to introduce children to their very first experience with motor skills and focus, outside of the home. Additional benefit of this class include increased personal interact with your child on the mat every week to help build strong family bonds at an early age. Of course, regular training with a parent can only increase and reinforce the motor skill being taught in the Parents & Me class. As training progresses, these basic movements and skills transition into real-world jiu jitsu applications.

Kids 3 to 5 years old

To teach children how to gain confidence among their peers, as well as learn skills that will help develop social interaction, focus, and discipline, this important class further improves their developing balance and coordination skills. Targeting the critical, pre-kindergarten years, our classes focus on getting kids to respond positively to physical and mental challenges in a group setting. By using actual martial arts and jiu jitsu techniques, in a fun and interactive way, kids learn teamwork and group dynamic. Classes also focus on respect for others, and sharing. Motor skills such as how to fall and get up safely, are taught through tumbling and other fun activities.Naturally, all activities are carefully supervised and monitored by qualified, hand- picked Morumbi instructional staff.

Juniors 6 to 9 years old

As they approach elementary school age, students in the "Juniors 6 to 9 years old" program learn real-life, bully defense through physical and verbal systems. By using Morumbi jiu jitsu techniques, kids learn to defend themselves using leverage and control, instead of punching and kicking. This program is also designed to help fortify social skills through the building of confidence and friendships in class and Morumbi Academy events. Classes focus on teaching life lessons such as self-control, and patience as well as making sure that kids are “bully proof” heading into their elementary school years. The self-confidence and personality-reinforcement developed in these kids martial arts classes will pay significant dividends in the formative school years, ahead.

Teens 10 to 14

The "Teens 10-14" classes stress self-awareness, confidence, improved athleticism, bully prevention, and interpersonal skills. Fun and positive activities are introduced, which helps in the acquisition of strength, agility, and speed. Through improved physical conditioning, kids gain confidence and self-awareness which develops quick, positive decision making when confronted with daily challenges. Development of these cognitive skills helps a great deal while kids navigate their pre-teen and teenage years. The training in the Teens classes is always geared towards helping build positive habits in order to overcome the negative habits which often afflict teenagers. These years are critical for teens because of the important of having developed self-confidence and effective study skills in preparation for application to college. Morumbi kids classes will help develop the strong foundation that kids need to succeed in school, college, and later life.

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