Kettlebell Believers


Training in kettlebells is one of our most popular activities at the Morumbi Jiu Jitsu Academy. In conjunction with the kettlebell program, the “Kettlebell Believers” movement represents a belief that we more than embrace because of its promise of a healthy, holistic lfestyle. We are fortunate to live in Ventura county, where we have direct access to nature, sunshine, and the ocean. Kettlebell training, on a daily basis, develops health, fitness and conditioning; in other words, through kettle bell training, we embrace daily exercise, good nutrition and positive health habits.

We can guarantee your progress through daily, supervised training under our qualified instructors. Kettlebell training can work as a stand-alone fitness activity, or in conjunction with other sports such as jiu jitsu, basketball, soccer, surfing, yoga, modern dance, kickboxing, and any other sports activity.

Why wait? Join us today on our daily journey to happiness, health and fitness.

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