Why Morumbi?

If You’re Looking For Real Results In Your Fitness Quest, You Have Definitely Found The Right Place! Morumbi Academy Is The Only Fitness Academy In Ventura County To Guarantee Results Through A Proven System Which Caters To Your Personal Needs.

Our Fitness Programs Are Designed For Students To Truly Reach Their Goals. The Key To Reaching Goals Is Our Unique Method Called The CT System; “Consistency And Tracking”. Our CT System Is A Method For Tracking And Encouraging You Through Your Fitness Journey In Order To Keep You Consistent And On The Path To Reaching Your Goals. The CT System Consists Of 4 Main Tools:

  • Attendance Tracking Cards
  • Monthly Progress Checks
  • Personal Assigned Coaches
  • Awarded Fitness Ranks

Attendance Tracking Cards – Help You To Stay Motivated While Following Your Progress And Keeping Your Personal Coach Aware Of Your Consistency Every Step Of The Way.

Monthly Progress Checks – Keep You On Track To Achieving Your Original Goals And Also For Setting New And More Challenging Goals.

Personal Assigned Coach – Will Review Your Progress On A Weekly Basis, Call You If Your Attendance Drops, And Review Or Change Your Schedule Or Program If Needed.

Awarded Fitness Ranks – Keep You Excited And Motivated Towards Achieving The Next Level And Rank In Your Individual Program.

With The Help Of Your Instructor And Your Fellow Class Peers You Will Feel Motivated To Reach The Next Level Through These 4 Tools Within The CT System. Levels Are Awarded Through Our Uniform System And Monthly Progress Checks You Are Rewarded For Reaching Your Monthly Goals. Through This Tracking System Students Have A Solid System Which Keeps Them On Track Towards Surpassing Their Previous Months Progress Check.

Morumbi Academy Is The ONLY Martial Arts & Fitness Academy In Ventura County, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Port Hueneme, Oxnard, Ventura, And The Surrounding Areas To Offer Monthly Tracking, Personal Assigned Coaches, And Real Awarded Fitness Ranks! So Come By Today To Check Out Our Award Winning Fitness Program! Call Today! (805)643-7717

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