Family Friendly


Our Philosophy Is Based Around Guaranteeing That Everyone Can Reach Their Goals. In Order To Reach Goals Though We All Know That Motivation Is A Key. In Order To Keep People Motivated We Encourage Group Involvement, Friendship, And Helping Each Other. This Is Cultivated Through Our Pledge To Maintaining A Family Style Atmosphere Through Friendship, Participation, And Teamwork. We Hold Various Academy Events And Parties To Make Sure That Everyone Has A Chance To Be Involved And Meet One And Other. These Events Include Our Bring-A-Friend Day, Parents And Kids Day, Annual Holiday Party, Beach BBQ & Potluck, Beach Training, UFC Fight Nights(For Adults), Halloween Party(For Kids)And More! These Events Bring Everyone Together And Ensure A Fun, Friendly, Family Environment.

We also believe in our slogan which is:

Building A Family Of Champions For Life

This Means Building Champions For All Things In Life Including School, Work, Relationships,
Friendships, And Being An Overall Better Person And Member Of Society.

Our Core Values Embody This Concept. Here They Are Below:


1. Building A Family Of Champions For Life
2. Going The Extra Mile And Protecting Your Health
3. Embracing Obstacles To Achieve Great Results
4. Confidence Is A Process We Can Master
5. Learning From All To Become Better
6. Developing Character Through Discipline And Positive Habits
7. Acting With Integrity Brings Self-Confidence
8. Believing In Something Greater Than Ourselves
9. Bringing The Group Further Through Loyalty
10. Committing To Reaching Your Goals

Through These Core Values We Ensure That All Of Our Students In Both Martial Arts And Fitness Classes Are Backed By A Huge Family Of People With Strong Beliefs And Motivation Which Help To Make Sure That Everyone In The Academy Can Reach Their Goals In A Positive And Fun Way!

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